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DVBStreamExplorerFull 3 build 63

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Build: 63 (released: 2007-04-28)
DSMCC: fixed bug that when DII messages from multiple carousel download ID's where present on one PID, this could cause Object Carousel's not to be found.
DSMCC: fixed bug that with some stream content the application would crash after showing PSI scanning dialog but before showing DSMCC dialog.
BDA: fixed bug that if a filter contained three or more filter nodes (i.e. tuner, capture and PID filter nodes) it would fail to initialize.
FIX: if Windows System settings were changed or when screen saver kicked in, the application would crash.
Added support for ATSC. It support scanning of following PSIP tables defined in ATSC standard A/65C: SST, MGT, TVCT, CVCT, RRT, EIT, ETT, DCCT and DCCSCT.
Following ATSC sources are supported: TS File driver (select TS file and network type ATSC in tuning dialog), B2C2 SDK 1.11 driver (this should work with AirStar2 ATSC and AirStar-HD5000-PCI, but these have not been tested) and BDA compatible ATSC devices (these have not been tested).
ATSC is limited in functionality compared to DVB. Following limitations apply. These limitations will be addressed in future releases.
No support for unattended scanning of multiple MUX'es. You must tune on one MUX at the time and perform a ATSC PSIP scan.
No saving/loading of PSIP information in XML files. No database export.
Following plug-ins are disabled for ATSC streams: MPE scanner, TeleText, PID Scanner and DSMCC.

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