Titanium 1 (versus) Ttanium 2



titanium 1
Wafer smartcard
Titanium OS version 1.06
Flash: 32 kB (28kB free)
RAM: 1024 Byte
Eeprom: 32 kB
Crypto: Yes (RSA)
Protocol: T0 / T1 / TE
Language: ASM, (C)
Programmable @ 3.57 MHz using Smart Mouse
SmartKey Titanium Features:

titanium 2
Flash: 65536 bytes (10,000 write cycles minimum, 10 year data retention)
RAM: 3072 bytes
Data EEPROM: 65536 bytes (500,000 write cycles typical, 10 year data retention)
including 64 bytes OTP & 64 byte addressing.
Max Freq: 16 Mhz.
Two 16-bit Timers.
Random Number Generator (RNG).
I/O Ports: 2 (configurable, including IS07816-3)
Interrupt Controller: 2 level, 8 vector.
Checksum Accelerator.
Low Power Idle & Power Down Modes.
Operating Range: 2.7v to 3.3v and 4.5 to 5.5v.
Crypto: Yes (RSA).
Crypto Coprocessor: RSA, DSA, Key Generation, ECC.
Physical Attack Protection:
Voltage Monitor.
Frequency Monitor.
E nvironmental Protection System.
Protection against SPA/DPA attacks.
Supervisor Mode.
Hardware DES & Triple-DES DPA Resistant.
ESD Protection to ~6000v.